Rules in English

All seafarer football matches registered by the Nordic seamen´s services will be counted in the Nordic series for football. The series season starts on the 1st  of April and ends on the 31st of October.

The overall ranking system takes into account all the international matches played in every nordic country.

The new structure of the series also makes it easier than before to compare teams’ results. If a team aims at winning the whole series, the team must play at least 5 matches. Each win gives only 2 points which makes the series more exciting and equal for all teams.

A team’s ranking number is comparable to a basic school grading system. A team with a ranking number between 8 and 10 is very strong. A team with the ranking number from 5 to 7 is considered mediocre and ranking numbers from 0 to 4 are given to the weakest teams. If a team wins all its matches during the series season, the ranking number is 10. The school-based ranking system makes it easy to follow a certain team and also compare teams.


  • If a team aims at winning the whole series, the team must play at least 5 matches
  • For each win a team gets 2 points. For draws both teams earn 1 point.
  • "Walk overs" will not be registered in the system.
  • The final score after regular time is the score that will be registered in the series.
  • Only 2 wins from "Local Teams" will be registered in the series.
  • The match result of two teams from the same ship will not be registered in the series.

How the points are counted

  • In the beginning of the series the ranking number is the same as in an "ordinary" series.
  • When a team has played 5 matches or less, the team’s ranking is calculated as follows: Point average (points / matches played) x matches played.

Example 1:

Team A gains the points 1-2-2-0 in it´s four first matches.The ranking number will then be counted 5/4 x 4=5.

When a team has played 5 or more matches the games played will no longer change the latter factor in the calculation. After 5 matches the formula is

(points / matches played) x 5.

Example 2:

Team B has gained the points 1-2-2-0-2-2-2-2-1 in nine matches. It´s final ranking number will be: (14 points / 9 games =1,55) x 5 =  7,78

Example 3:

Team C gains the points 1-0-2-2-2-2-2-0-0-1-2-0-2 after thirteen games. Its final ranking number will be (16 points /13 matches = 1,23) x5 =  6,15.

Team B (which has lost one match) will rank higher than team C (which has lost 3 matches)

Please note that both teams have five wins during the series.

  • The maximum ranking is 10, which means that when a team has won all its matches the point average is 2 . The point average of 2 x 5 is always 10, so the number of wins can also be more than 5.

Draw situations

The final ranking is decided by:

  1. Number of wins
  2. Goal difference
  3. Scored goals